About M.H & Associates

Our firm is basically expertise in full filling needs and demand of people who come to us to help them in creating their dream house.
Our firm is in this field from last 26 years. We are  experts in the following fields:-
1. Residential houses, 2. Commercial buildings, 3. Townships, 4. Row houses, 5. Schools n educational hubs, 6. Bohra daudi masjids, 7. Bohra markas, 8. Bohra daru le imarat, 9. Marriage garden And so on.
We basically work on consultancy basis. Under which we give following types of services:-
1. We have site engineers who generally inspect the site and guide contractors so that work is done properly with perfection. Its is being followed with further steps such as:-
A. Foundation level, B. Plint level, C. Rangat work, D. Slab casting time, E. Waterproofin work, F. Water pipe lines pressure testing work
2. Also we do interior projects. Under which we give many other services:-
Mainly management services. Person who manages all the agencies which do interior works in the projects such as:-
Tile agency, Carpenter's agency, Electric agency, Automotion agency, Pop agency, Painter's agency, Fabrication agency.

Special thanks to our valuable clients.. We owe all our success to you!